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vreahlifruitbat's Journal

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I'm some young adult that scraped his way out of the middle of nowhere to go live in the wonderfully debaucherous California bay area with like-minded people. I've been living here for about five or six years or so, but I still feel like I'm exploring the bay and everything it has to offer. I love going out and having fun in massive groups, but I like to keep my close friends closer.

Writing music is kind of a big thing for me, despite trying to toss it on to the backburner. I've been writing midi files and dicking around with music since I was about ten or twelve. I've got some basic music theroy down, and I can rip a pretty nasty lead on a keyboard. I do some dubstep and electronic music production with Reaper, and do fun chiptune stuff with Renoise and Milkytracker. I've done music on a few independent games here and there.

I also mess with programming and scripting a bit. My coworkers are convinced (somehow) that I'm a javascript engineer. I can write up some mean jQuery plugins pretty quick, and chop up new designs in a flash. For fun, I like to mess with 6502 assembly and write fun things in python. I'm an all around computer nerd, but that seems to be the norm for this area.

A HUGE portion of my brain is used (wasted?) on fursuits. If you want to kill an hour or two talking about a few suits that just went up on auction, antics you've pulled abroad, the best way to stay cool, or why using buckram for eyes is a bad idea, I'm probably up for chatting about it. :D

It's no secret that I'm kind of a kinkster. :F But there's other websites for that. If you want to know more, hit me up.